What you will learn with this Book

• About Me/My Story/Why I chose Disney Destinations/My Company Now
• Becoming a Travel Agent
• Walt and the Disney Company
• The Art Of Specializing
• Finding A Host Agency
• Marketing The Magic
• Working with A Disney
• Dreams do come in all shapes and sizes… family sizes, budgets
• Product Knowledge
• Travel Suppliers
• The truth about commissions
• Travel Industry Organizations & Associations
• And much more…

About Author

Lisa Federico

Lisa Federico’s intentions for starting her travel business were similar to Walt’s intentions for Disneyland: her two children. While working for a small travel agency, Lisa wanted a way that she could work and make money, while having the time to spend with her boys, and that is how Academy Travel started. Lisa created her business and did it all from home, and just like Walt who created a place for others to be able to enjoy with their families, Lisa created a business that allowed others to work from home; allowing them to make money while having more time with their families. ~ “Scott Wolf, Disney Historian”

What Our Readers Are Saying

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A fantastic book and story! I love Disney. I never thought I could make this a career. I cannot thank Lisa enough all she shares.

Samantha Waters

Meeting Lisa has definitely been a game changer for me. Her perspective on things is so clear and she’s so knowledgeable that she taught me and showed me a totally new way to view myself and my own capabilities, and now I’m reaching goals within weeks that I thought would take.

Amanda Watson

Independent Travel Consultant

Information you will learn more about

EarMark Levels

Understanding EarMarked Authorized Vacation Planner Levels

EarMark Levels
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Disney Authorized Vacation Planner

What is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?

Disney Authorized Vacation Planner
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Disney College of Knowledge

If you are a travel agent there is no cost to join the Disney College of Knowledge

Disney College of Knowledge
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