Im really trying

I was born in 1966. Grew up in the 80’s. Began a career in accounting, marketing and direct sales in 1986. But in 1993 everything changed. As a young mother I became very ill, and working became difficult. While recovering, and after my second child, I decided working from home was best for me. This was the 90’s, before websites, before social media and in a time a home-based travel agent was non-existent. But I did it, and not only did I excel as a travel agent, I started my own company and grew it to be an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with the designation DIAMOND level by the Walt Disney Travel Company. 25 years, top tier.

During 25 years I watched paper airline tickets go to e-docs, After 911 I experienced brick and morter agencies close, and ultimately go to home based. Bringing to the travel industry a new online presence, and the birth of the “outside sales agent”. The birth of social media, digital marketing and more computer than I could keep up with. Fast forward to today, you can imagine how building a website, 25 years later, can be a bit challenging for me. Oh I have a web designer, actually I have two. My main web designer, Ryan, is working on 21 projects that need to be completed in 7 days or less. So I thought id jump in. Its been 2 whole days, one whole bottle of wine and I still cant manage to post a photo.

I’m trying! ~ Let’s see how this goes (I’m sure with much help from Ryan!)